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Any man who is at least 21 years old, is of good moral character with no criminal record, and who believes in a Supreme Being (known to masons as The Great Architect Of The Universe) can become a Mason. It matters not what religion he follows, what colour his skin is, how much money he has, nor what position he holds at work or in the community. What matters is that he has a desire to help others and to improve his own moral worth.

The prospective candidate for membership is told that he should only consider joining if he can do so without detriment to himself, his family or work commitments. Freemasonry places a call on a man's time and he should be sure that he will be able to devote this time; normally one or two evenings per month are required. Also, as with membership of any other organisation, there is an annual subscription fee in any lodge (which varies from lodge to lodge).