About Khyber

Khyber Lodge was constituted sometime in 1850, the date is untraceable. The 11 Founders were: Charles Hogg. Charles Douglas Newmarch, Charles Mills, James Cahill, William Gardiner Morris, Henry William Tibbett, George Wills, William Coates, John Brocke, William Alexander Daly and David Reid. The Warrant was dated 7th September 1850.

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Furthermost North in India, nearest was lodge Charity at Ambal 500 miles South. The Lodge dominated the Social Scene in Peshawar, its own building was used as a place of Worship, Public Library and Meeting Place as well as a Hospital. Lt.F L Roberts was Initiated in 1853, later Field Marshal Lord Roberts VC. Originally the Lodge was in the District of Calcutta, a Lodge at Cawnpore 600 miles away was considered distant, Khyber was 1,800 miles away. The Lodge received no District Honours as there was little possibility of attendance at Quarterly Communications.

1868 the Grand Master the Earl of Zetland appointed Major Charles McWhirter Mercie’ District Grand Master of the Punjab. Khyber was represented at the first District Meeting, there were six Lodges with 217 members, during the first year two Lodges were added.

1875 was a bad year, Khyber was in abeyance with only one Member in the town
of Peshawar. In 1881 the Lodge sponsored Lodge Stewart 1960 in Rawalpindi, by a special inclusion in the Warrant, Stewart met at Murree during the summer months. The District now boasted 19 Lodges. By 1892 there were 674 brethren in the District, one of the strongest Lodges being Khyber.

1908 there were 24 Lodges with 1,541 Members, again Khyber amonst the strongest.
1912 the District had problems, membership only 1,719, in order of strength Lodges Kitchener, Khyber, Stewart and Himalayan Brotherhood.

1923. Lodge Jamrud left its Fortress home and met in Khyber’s Temple at Peahawar by Dispensation.

1933. District Grand Lodge met in Khyber Temple at Peshawar, there were 75 present.

1938. Various Regiments changed stations, Khyber lost 19 Members as a result. There was also a major dispute in the District Grand Lodge, in all Khyber had 32 resignations and still survived.

1947. PARTITION. It was suggested that Khyber and Jamrud transfer to England as one Lodge to bear the title Khyber Jamrud Lodge 582″. Eventually Jamrud transferred on its own leaving Khyber alone in Peshawar.

1951. Khyber was about to return home. A Centenary Warrant was applied for and obtained with permission from the Grand Master to celebrate at any time
between SEPTEMBER 1950 and SEPTEMBER 1951. The Lodge is recorded as havinq moved on 7th November 1951. Presumably the Centenary was celebrated before coming to London in the Temple at Peshawar.

District of the Punjab Masonic Year Book 1933-34


(Warrant Dated 7th September 1850. Meets at the Freemasons Hall, Peshawar on the third Thursday in every month. Installation in April)

59 Subscribing Members 3 Past Masters of the Lodge. 5 Past Masters of other Lodges